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Wear the Dark God!

Posted in News - updates on books, events, appearances, etc.  by John Brown on November 11th, 2010

Yeah, Baby! We’ve got Dark God Tees! And all thanks to Fiction Addictions. You get to choose from two designs which you can see below. Please note: The Dark God got his fans some SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICING! Through December 2010: $13.99 for standard style, $15.99 for the ladies fit.


Enjoy! And welcome to the Grove.

P.S. If you desire, you can post pictures of yourself displaying your great sense of fashion (or the burnt crisp of your thunderstruck remains) on

Servant of a Dark God – In Yo Face

Boldly proclaim your allegiance with a simple front that states who you serve. NOTE: May attract lightning.

In Yo Face - Standard T Style

In Yo Face - Ladies T Style

Servant of a Dark God – Book Fan

For those who aren’t quite ready to commit to the dark side, we provide a more conservative front that will still raise eyebrows, but all in the good cause of literacy.

Book Fan – Standard T Style

Book Fan - Ladies T Style

Colors & Styles

Standard tee shirt style: for men or women, comes in dark brown, black, or navy with crème lettering.

The ladies tee shirt style (fitted cut and thinner fabric): comes in purple, black, or dark brown with crème lettering.

Other colors: If you simply must have the shirt in a different color, be happy, because you can, although it may take longer to process your order. Be sure to choose a color that goes well with the crème lettering.

Extra Large Sizes: If you want to get a shirt in a size not shown, you can. Just contact Fiction Addictions and let them know. It just may take a bit longer to ship your order.


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