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New Release Sale for Raveler!

Posted in News - updates on books, events, appearances, etc.  by John Brown on September 8th, 2014

RavelerCoverEbookThe War with Mokad Begins!

Folks, I’m so happy to announce this. First, I love the cover. As you can see, no big-bosomed, bikini-clad, fluff bunnies need apply here. Click on the image to take a gander at what’s reflected in the sword and then the symbol she’s etched into the collar of her armor.

Next, I get to share Harnock, who was a blast to write. And the woodikin they call Chot. There are revelations, wasp lords, battles, a poignant scene with Argoth I’ve been waiting since Servant to write, plus plenty more.

To celebrate, we’re putting the book on a huge discount Tuesday and Wednesday.

Big trade paperback + free ebook: $9.99!

(normally $18.98 if purchased separately)

Big paperback edition

I double-checked the price. When I posted this, it was $9.99 on Amazon. Get it before Amazon dinks with the price.

Ebook: $.99 cents!

(normally $3.99)

Kindle (USA)
Kindle (outside the USA)

Happy reading!


PS To get the free e-book with your paperback, purchase your paperback, then go to the top menu bar and select Shop By Department > Kindle E-Readers & Books > Kindle Books. Click Kindle MatchBook in the left sidebar, and then the Find your Kindle MatchBook titles button. It should list Raveler along with all of the other MatchBooks available to you.



Salt Lake City Comic Con!

Posted in News - updates on books, events, appearances, etc.  by John Brown on September 2nd, 2014


This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I will be at Comic Con at the Salt Palace Convention Center. I can’t wait. There’s going to be a huge crowd (100,000+) with lots of great panels, events, celebrities, and artists, including Bruce Campbell, Danny Glover, Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride), and Patrick Warburton (the guy who played Kronk!)

It’s going to be a blast.

Here’s my panel schedule.

Time Thursday, Sept 4 Friday, Sept 5 Saturday, Sept 6
A.M. 11:00 a.m. How to Write Great Science Fiction & Fantasy
P.M. 3:00 p.m. Katniss Revealed: A Closer Look at The Hunger Games on Film and in Print 1:00 p.m. Build a Story 1:00 p.m. How to Win Writers and Illustrators of the Future Competition
Evening 7:00 p.m. Writing Suspense

The rest of the time I’ll probably be at my booth in the Artist’s Alley, chatting with folks and selling and signing books.

I’ve invited two other awesome authors to join me in the booth. Eric James Stone is a Nebula award-winning science fiction writer. Cheree Alsop is a paranormal and urban fantasy indie.


Please feel free to come by and say hello.


The Curse Honor Roll

Posted in News - updates on books, events, appearances, etc.  by John Brown on August 29th, 2014

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, mistakes make their ways into the text. Omissions are common. For example, a missing “the” or “of” can be hard to see; your magical mind just fills these tiny words in.

Some omissions are hilarious. I was editing Raveler a few days ago and ran across a howler that made me laugh and laugh.

In one scene Shim is angry about the Bone Faces. When he sees their ships, I meant to have him exclaim with some indignation that they were “Coming to plunder under our noses while we’re tied up here.”

What I wrote was “Coming to plunder our noses while we’re tied up here,” which is a different type of threat altogether.

And then there are the aaarg! omissions. Like leaving the names of awesome folks who provided valuable input out of your acknowledgements. (Head smack!)

Yes, I’m guilty of such an idiocy.

I’m very recently guilty. Like, today guilty.

The good thing about indie publishing is that I can make changes and upload them immediately. I have already fixed the ebooks. The big paperbacks will be fixed on Monday. But these folks deserve better. To make amends, I’m going to spotlight them here, right now, for all posterity.

For excellent feedback on the full manuscript, I want to thank Stephen and Liesl Nelson.

A few years ago, I posted on this website, asking if anyone would be willing to read and report their response to a beginning I wanted to test. These folks stepped up and responded in grand fashion, helping me make the beginning better.

Adam Teachout
Alexis Cooper
Cameron Wilson
David West
Eric Allen
Hyrum Grissom
Justin Fisher
Krista Hoeppner Leahy
Laurel Amberdine
Lindsey Tolis
Mark Holt
Martin Cahill
Melanie Goldmund
Merrill Nielson
Nick Dianatkhah
Ray Solomon
Wes Amodt

All of you rock. And may the Bone Faces never come to plunder your noses.


New Release Sale for Curse!

Posted in News - updates on books, events, appearances, etc.  by John Brown on August 29th, 2014

CurseCoverEbook1600x2400Curse’s long and crooked path to publication is now over!

And there was much rejoicing. To celebrate, we’re putting the book on a huge discount today and Saturday.

Big trade paperback, plus free ebook: $9.99!
(normally $18.98 if purchased separately)

Ebook: $.99 cents!
(normally $3.99)

I want to thank all of you who emailed and posted comments on the website expressing your anticipation for this book. I really hope you enjoy the story as much as I have.

Happy reading!


PS To get the free ebook with your purchase of the big paperback, purchase the paperback, then go to the Kindle store and click on “Kindle MatchBook” in the left sidebar. That will take you to your personal list of books you can get with the MatchBook program. Curse will appear there AFTER  you make the purchase.

PPS Look for a similar sale for Raveler soon!


Raveler Update: The Cover!

Posted in News - updates on books, events, appearances, etc.  by John Brown on August 28th, 2014

Back in July, I contacted the talented Victor Minguez again to do this cover. I sent him a creative brief with three scenes that I thought would work well. Victor read the passages, then came back with some sketches.

One of the scenes was of Sugar, battling howlers in the world of soul. Two parts of the reference I gave were the following. The first suggested an interesting lace pattern that fit my image of Sugar’s skenning. The second was a dead ringer for a howler. It’s actually “Lion,” made of used tires and steel by Yong Ho Ji. Okay I found it on Pinterest. But it’s absolutely gorgeous. I really thought this scene with Sugar would be the one.

Skenning   Howlers

Victor’s sketch is below. You can see the howlers in the foreground about to attack.


The second and third scenes were of Argoth facing down Mokad’s Guardian and Matiga and her fell-maidens in the final battle. The fell-maidens are women you don’t want to mess with. Some of the reference included these. BTW, if you’re interested in other images I’ve captured, feel free to browse my Pinterest collections.

Matiga Matiga2 Matiga3Matiga4

This is the sketch he came back with. His notes explained that the enemy line would be reflected in the sword.


I love the idea of Sugar and those howlers. I can see the image in my mind, and it’s awesome. But we felt this would make a more appealing cover. Maybe someday we’ll pay for someone to do that Sugar illustration just for the heck of it.

The next step was to do a value study. This was the first.

I wanted to see what a couple of variations might look like.

RavelerValuesCloseUpView  RavelerValuesMoreFaceSketch

Ultimately, I thought all three of these were powerful. The first two really draw attention to her eyes and give a great focal point and hierarchy. In fact, I still go back and forth even now. But I did like seeing more of her face. I think anyone of them could have been great, but we ended up going with the third. A little magic from the artist, and Shazam!


There are a lot of things to love about this. Victor’s gorgeous backlighting and halo effects. The part of the story told in the reflection in the sword. And the fact that this woman is not some fluff bunny, running around in ridiculous bikini wear. She’s even got a bit of sneer or growl going on. My friends, this is a freaking fell-maiden. I also like that Victor etched an important symbol into the armor.

Here’s the illustration in the cover.



Curse, Raveler, Comic Con

Posted in News - updates on books, events, appearances, etc.  by John Brown on August 27th, 2014

CURSE_FinalCoverSpreadWebI’ve been busting my chops these last three weeks. CURSE is finished. RAVELER will be finished tonight. I will be putting them both on sale at smoking hot prices for those that have signed up for the newsletter in the next few days.

This is also perfect timing for the Salt Lake City Comic Con. I’ll be there, participating on panels, chatting with readers, and selling copies of my books at a table in the Artist’s Alley (White, booth 40). I’ve invited two other awesome authors to join me at the table–Cheree Alsop and Eric James Stone. This is going to be a great event. If you’re going, please drop by at the table to say hello. I’ll have more on Comic Con in a post in a few days.

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