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Curse update: April 12, 2014

Posted in News - updates on books, events, appearances, etc.  by John Brown on April 12th, 2014

CurseV2FinalV1I have finished the rewrite of act 3.

In my last update, I said that I’d written almost 50k words, but Word was counting everything in the document I was working in. I really only had 36k words at that time. The material now totals 50,000 words.  A pretty hefty chunk that I’ve broken into eleven chapters.

If you recall my process, I’m basically at the end of step 7. Next week I will start my line edits. The week after that I hope to make the copy edits. I know I’ll do those more quickly than I did it the last time because Geoffery Kidd wrote me back in December and shared a wonderful way to quickly find typos and unclosed quotes that should help speed the process this time. His tips won’t take care of everything, of course, but every bit counts. Once I complete the copy edits, we’ll be almost to the finish line.



Curse update: April 1, 2014

Posted in News - updates on books, events, appearances, etc.  by John Brown on April 1st, 2014

CurseV2FinalV1Today is a fine US holiday. And so I took the day off to write. I just added over 6,000 words to the final big battle climax of my novel. And what a climax it is. It’s almost 50,000 words long. I still have another 5-10k to go.

Folks, this is longer than a lot of short novels.

I guess it would be more accurate to say I’m writing act 3. The book will probably exceed 200k words. So 60k isn’t too long for the final act.

I will now sigh in contentment.


I’m enjoying the heck out of writing this.

At the same time, I’m hoping to figure out how to make book three in this epic fantasy series shorter so I can get the story out to readers in a more timely manner. I might be able to write two normal sized novels instead of one monster. I will think hard about it.

In the meantime, I hope to wrap this rewrite of act 3 up over the next few days. And then it’s just line and copy edits.


Curse update: March 15, 2014

Posted in News - updates on books, events, appearances, etc.  by John Brown on March 15th, 2014

CurseV2FinalV1I’ve been diligently moving forward with CURSE.

However, it’s not been in a straight line. While working on the ending last week, I realized that I no longer had the word limit constraints I had with Tor.

Of course, I knew that, but I hadn’t gone back to my previous draft that had been written to meet Tor’s limits and asked: should I put  back in anything that I was forced to cut?

But while writing the ending last week I realized that in the last revision I had removed an awesome sequence that introduces the villain of the tale. I’d done it to save the word count. I’d written another entrance. It was good given the constraints, but it didn’t have the cool wattage that this one did.

Not even close.

I love great character entrances. Could I put it back it?

The answer was a resounding yes!

So this week was spent rewriting that entrance (and now it’s even better than it was) and fitting it into the story (and slid in so smoothly and made it so much better).

Folks, you will now get to see the naked orange-eyed priest of Mungo.


Audio for my presentations

Posted in News - updates on books, events, appearances, etc., On Writing  by John Brown on March 14th, 2014

Folks. I have 2 mp3 files. One for Story Turns. One for Vivid & Clear. They are each about 48mb in size. But I don’t have the time to figure out how to make them available to you.

But I know someone out there does have the skillz to mash the slides with the audio in a short period of time and make it available. Maybe create something to upload to YouTube.

So if you have been waiting for this and would like to offer your services, I’d be happy to throw in a free copy of the ebook edition of Bad Penny and Servant for your efforts. It would in no way cover your time, but it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. And the project will also give you all sorts of glowy goodness inside knowing that you’ve served a whole bunch of writers.

That’s my offer: glowy goodness and ebooks.

If you’re interested, click my picture in the left sidebar and and let me know :)

The Power of Habit

Posted in News - updates on books, events, appearances, etc.  by John Brown on February 26th, 2014

The Power of Habit by Charles DuhiggOne of the best books I read back in 2012 was The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. You can see my review here. It’s now out in paperback, and I have a copy.

More importantly, I have decided that it’s time to change one habit.


Why just one?

Habits have enormous power in our lives. And Duhigg explains that “A huge body of research has shown that small wins have enormous power, an influence disproportionate to the accomplishments of the victories themselves.”

Why is this? Because one small win often precipitates a cascade of other small wins and changes.

It’s time for a series of small wins.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be re-reading THE POWER OF HABIT and applying the insights.

What am I going to change?

Saying no to all the things I want to do at 9:30 PM and getting my keister into bed. So I can enjoy a full night’s sleep. And all the benefits that flow from that.

Please feel free to join me in a quest for one small change.


Curse Update

Posted in News - updates on books, events, appearances, etc.  by John Brown on February 26th, 2014

CurseV2FinalV1A number of weeks ago life happened at my day job. I had just started a rewrite of the final battle of CURSE, but life put that on hold. Life got back to normal a few days ago. And a few days ago I began to work on that final battle sequence again. So you’ll notice that delivery targets have changed on the books page. I’m moving under a good head of steam now, and unless life happens again, we should meet those dates :) More than anyone else, I want to get this book into your hands.